our services

The Accountancy and Finances Office Espol sp. z o. o. has the experience in keeping the accounts, preparing the payrolls and social security documents for the workers, settling on accounts with Social Security Institute, maintaining the VAT records. In particular it settles accounts of the EU projects. It helps in registering business activity (in the Registry of Business Activity or in the National Judicial Register and also in the Tax Office, the Social Security Institute and the Main Statistical Office). It provides its clients with broad accountancy and financial consultancy and also the labor and social security law consultancy.

The Office hires the staff with the Ministry’s of Finance certificate giving the right to provide services in accountancy, that guarantees the high level of our services and the security of your accounts entrusted to us. We have the civil responsibility insurance for our accountancy and financial services.

Due to the efficient system of documents’ transfer we render our services also to the clients outside Warsaw, maintaining the high level of professionalism.


 We offer to acquire the specialized legal-financial publications on tax law, EU funds and non-governmental organizations.


We provide training and consultancy services in the field of financial law, labor law, commercial law and other legal requirements of economic activity and public benefit activities of non-governmental organizations.